Levels, plumbrules and Squares


These examples fall into two categories:
Commercial, and

The commercial ones are just that - acceptable quality, usable - and mass produced
The others are heavier, more elegant and far better finished.
commercial These are obtainable from the usual suppliers. They are fairly plain, made of half inch thick ash and rosewood-stained to go with either oak or mahogany.
raw wood They are certainly selling because I am constantly being asked to make another batch. There is a dozen of each here, drying in the sunshine.
rule and level You can look in the catalogues for current commercial prices! Surprisingly, it costs less to commission your own.

Custom made versions are not simple slabs of wood. They are individually made in your choice of timber with attention to detail. The usual finish is beeswax.

Now for the good bit ......
they cost 35 a pair, incl (UK) carriage.

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