These items appeared in April 2002

wardens' columns A new lodge is being consecrated in Slovenia - called Lodge of Hospitality. These are their new columns. They also have a nice box of working tools, similar to those I made for Internet Lodge (see 'working tools').
These columns are 21 inches tall, made of sapele and have painted beech globes.
column restoration I didn't have my camera when these came into the workshop. Pity, because they were in a very sorry state. A 'before' picture would show just what had to be done to these monsters (the mug gives an idea of their size). They were falling to pieces, bits were missing, and they had no globes.
The column part detaches from the base, which remains standing. Both columns and one base are original. Someone made an oversized copy for the SW base. I can only presume it was made oversized because the original had been lost. The excess size brings the top of it level with the JW's. The maker didn't realise that one should actually be shorter than the other.
The refurbishment took an entire weekend. The result was well worth it.
so what is it? Who knows what this is?

One of the "Chivalrous" orders, of which I have little knowledge, apparently receives Holy Communion. This tray accepts 36 little glasses of communion wine.

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