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acacia maul You will find several examples of mauls via the menu on the left. This one is made of acacia. It was presented to the French brother who gave me a monster log of it. The poor Volvo was almost on the bottom of its suspension going home!
Acacia is very attractive but it is a phenomenally hard timber. It also tends to form slight cracks on the surface if it dries out too much.
trunk Here is a non masonic job. It is a boarding school trunk, designed to be both lightweight and very robust. It is double skinned, with 4mm ply outside and smooth-faced hardboard inside. The pine edging will take a lot of knocks and the whole thing could tumble down a flight of stairs without injury. It is relatively expensive at 200, (but have you looked in John Lewis's recently?)
presentation box And another non masonic item. This measures 10inches x 6 inches x 2inches and contains the chain of office of Coventry Inner Wheel (the ladies' branch of Rotary International). It is made of fine mahogany and trimmed with maple. The inside is padded and lined with red velvet.
The Order of David and Johnathon (otherwise known as Secret Monitor) is experiencing a considerable resurgence. These hexagonal pedestals are part of the order's furnishings - the VOSL rests on one of them, for example.
They are made of 6mm ply, which is mitred at 30 degrees and reinforced internally. The eventual finish is a stone effect. These cost (unpainted)45 each, or 60 (painted).

MasonicWood sends things all over the world. My work can be found in Canada, USA, Bangkok, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy .... (and the UK). Please use the menu on the left to see more lovely objects (and their destinations).

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