January 2003

Sorry there's been nothing in 'new items' for a while. I've been busy with a mountain of commercial items during November and December, such as platonic solids, squares, levels, plumbrules and lots of columns.

This is my standard commercial column(s). They are good quality sapele, with commercial brass and enamel tops. You don't get rests with them and someone will be charged a small fortune for them.
I suppose I could have taken the photo with a less colourful background !
There are other examples of three drawer tool boxes in the working tools section. This image shows just how much work and joinery goes into one of these things. Commercial ones are made from faced chipboard with MDF drawers running on strips of MDF tacked to the inside of the box.
If you are looking for quality, then here's what you can expect.
And you'll never guess what commercial ballot boxes are made of?
This one is solid oak. The drawers fit and run properly and it is heavy enough to need a pair of brass handles. 50 ballot balls were also supplied with it.

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