These items appeared in March 2002

wardens' columns These columns are made with some of the best mahogany I've come across in quite a while. You have to agree, they look really good.
Unlike most, which are the same height, these are 'correct'. The doric should be shorter than the corinthian, and, contrary to some ideas, it should be fluted. To be absolutely correct, it should not, however, have the small plinth at its base.
They were also made within very tight constraints. The taller one is only 18.5inches high -- it's for a very small pedestal!
baton This marshal's baton is destined for USA. It is made of my favourite combination of marenka and maple. Quite a novel use for the column rests too!
ash gavels Most UK brethren will have seen these many times. Now you know where some of them come from.
sceptres I said last month that it was looking like a Royal Arch month. Here is the result. These sceptres are 39inches tall with ash shafts and traditional brass tops. I also made a shipping/ storage crate for them

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