These items appeared in May 2002

St.Bernard barrel What has this to do with Freemasonry? Well, the owner of the St.Bernard dog is a mason. This was a real challenge! It upset the Canadian customs so much that they opened the parcel to check what was in it.
banner case This is one of a pair of bannercases made for Coventry Masonic Hall. It is 3ft x 4ft and made entirely of oak. The door is exceptionally heavy, considering it has to support a sheet of toughened glass. It was made to match those already in existence.
presentation gavel I don't make these very often. You can see a set of three in the gavels section. It was made for a brother in Texas who, by now, is Worshipful Brother - hence the need for it. It is made of sapele with a gold plated brass band around the head.

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