May 2003

And, once more, I have to apologise. There has been nothing new here since January .... I've been too busy making things (most of which are repeats of items already shown). Happily, some of those "repeats" are just that! Repeat business tells its own story!

Wands are one thing that *are* going up in price. It is outside my control but even so, commercial ones are well over 90 each. These are presently 80 each (complete with silver plated tops -- most styles are available).Current versions are made of ash and stained mahogany. These will put everyone else's to shame!
Framed tracing boards can be supplied in all three craft degrees. This particular 3rd is a special one. I am hoping to be able to provide copies from three genuine and original Harris boards in the near future.
There are other examples of these in the gavels section. Since January, I've made two more sets of them. These went to Texas and the other set went to Kent.

MasonicWood sends things all over the world. My work can be found in Canada, USA, Bangkok, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, Andorra.... (and the UK). Please use the menu on the left to see more lovely objects (and their destinations).

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