October 2002

October turned out to be a 'gold plating' month. There were also several quite different tasks going on in the workshop at once ........

Sometimes I am asked to make the odd replacement item. Some 24inch guages can become too damaged to use, probably due to the cheap wood they were made from. Acacia is very hard and durable and with securely fixed brass hinges, this one will certainly outlast its predecessor.
Royal Ark Mariner working tools are very rarely called for. This set was made for the Kent Installed Commanders' Lodge No.999, who asked for "a saw with teeth" ....... they got one. It has been properly cut and the teeth sharpened and set. It cuts very well, even though it is only 12inches long. They'd better not use it because it is now gold plated!
Last month, I showed a series of images of these being made. There are also other examples to be seen in the 'gavels and mauls' section. Their new owner is delighted with them.
And yet another set of working tools. These are in an oak box and are destined for the Grand Lodge of Andorra.

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